FIWARE Agrifood Profiles

A selection of FIWARE Agrifood profiles are showcased below, which have been funded by the FInish, FINODEX, FractalsSmartAgriFood2 and SpeedUp! Europe FIWARE Accelerators.

These profiles focus on

  • Traceability of the conditions of fruit and vegetables during transportation (FruitWatcher /GeezarPurveyance)
  • Supply chain solutions (Naaber; SUR+)
  • Quality assurance (QIFresh)
  • Marketplace to rent farm machinery (Mermix)
  • Web and mobile application that helps people grow their own vegetables (Tomappo)
  • Testing of animal conditions and pest awareness (Agricolus; Happy Cow; Telenostics /CfPharma)
  • Easy to use temperature monitoring solution specially designed for logistics applications (Tsenso)
  • ready‐to‐use, highly‐efficient and low‐cost platform for remote control of stocks in feed silos for farms (SmartSilo/Ubikwa Systems)
  • integrated geospatial field monitoring system for mobile and web applications (Ag Knowledge)
  • traceability of animals through a network of sensors (STEPLA)

Click on the logos below to download a FIWARE profile for these high potential initiatives in pdf format.