FI-IMPACT InfoStories

FI-IMPACT has prepared a series of Info stories to share the results of FI-IMPACT's Impact Assessment of the FI-PPP Phase 3 / FIWARE Accelerate with the wider community. These are based on the results from D2.3 Ex Ante Impact Assessment and Forecast and D2.4 Ex-ante IA and Forecast to 2020.

The first info story focuses on showing the ambitious group of entrepreneurs involved in FIWARE Initiatives. The second info story provides insights into the Market Potential of the Phase 3 FIWARE Projects.  


The third info story provides a visual mapping of the FI-PPP Phase 3 FIWARE projects in terms of number of proposal selected as at February 2016 across the 16 Accelerators, geographic distribution, team sizes and markets being targeted. The fourth info story provides insights into most popular FIWARE Chapters and technological focus of solutions. 


The fifth info story provides insights into how FIWARE has supported the AgriFood sector. The sixth info story provides insights into the number of companies accelerated by the FIWARE Acceleration programme, business model, types of technologies and the businesses supported in the Energy sector. 



The seventh info story provides insight into SMEs and Startups focused on leveraging FIWARE to support the healthcare sector. The eighth info story provides insight into measuring the economic impact of Phase 3 of the FI-PPP and forecasting to 2020.