FIWARE Transport Profiles

A selection from an interesting portfolio of FIWARE Transport related profiles are showcased below, which have been funded by the CeedTech, FINODEX, FrontierCities and SOUL-FI FIWARE Accelerators. 

These profiles focus on

  • Web-based solution to buy car parts directly from wholesalers (AZAUToM)
  • Mobile app and web portal to allow users to calculate safe urban cycling routes (Cycle your City)
  • Platform for global bike-sharing combined with smart lock (DonkeyRepublic)
  • Generating traffic statistics from a video stream (FLOUD)
  • Real-time transport app for users, a new mobile ticketing solution, and an operator data analysis backend (MAPI)
  • Turnkey solution to deploy an urban public transportation franchise based on vehicles circulating over fixed routes, with fixed stops and service on request (MVMANT)
  • Mobile ticketing for bus, train, parking (OpenMove)
  • eBooking services for marina berth spaces combined with navigational and parking assistance features, notification services (SaMMY)
  • Costing for Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND) transport (SEND-TO, QROUTES)
  • GPS-based anti-theft device connected to a smartphone app that allows cyclists to precisely locate their bicycles and retrieve them in case of theft (Sherlock)

Click on the logos below to download a FIWARE profile for these high potential initiatives in pdf format.