FIWARE eHealth Profiles

A selection of FIWARE eHealth profiles are showcased below, which have been funded by the FABulous, FICHE, FI-C3FINODEX and IMPACT FIWARE Accelerators.

These profiles focus on

  • Digital social health service platform to support those suffering with dementias (AlzhUp)
  • Consumer health/wellness (Mixeat)
  • Cancer referral (Medbravo)
  • Real-time audio video communication in operating rooms (medVC)
  • Real-time process information platform (MYSPHERA)
  • Software applications designed to rehabilitate impairments (NeuroAtHome)
  • Secure patient identification solution (UMANICK Identity 4 Health)
  • Mobile based technology using hyper-realistic virtual environments to treat anxiety disorders (psious)
  • Search engine for genetic data (Xpressomics)
  • Open medical communication platform for pre-to post-hospital treatment (Zebra Academy)
  • Mobile and web software to facilitate remote nutritional therapy for patients with food-related medical conditions (Oviva)
  • Mobile fitness app with meal planner and personal trainer (8fit)

Click on the logos below to download a FIWARE profile for these high potential initiatives in pdf format.