Impact Assessment Framework

FI-IMPACT has prepared an Impact Assessment Guidebook to support FIWARE and FI-PPP Stakeholders to better understand the relationship between FI-PPP actions and wider ICT market trends and market potential in Europe. This methodological framework is based on three main components: a market model, a socio-economic impact model and development of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). 

FI-IMPACT developed the Impact Assessment and Self Assessment tools to assist FIWARE sub-grantees and enterpreneurs to better assess their socio-economic impact. 

FI-IMPACT collected data related to Innovation Potential, Market Focus, Market Sustainabilty, Market Needs and Social impact from over 670 FIWARE sub-grantees between June 2015 - March 2016 using the Impact Assessment survey as well as additional information from the 16 Accelerators.

FI-IMPACT published a number of reports sharing insight into analysis of the aggregrated results, impact of the FI-PPP Phase 3 Programme and forecasting to 2020

FI-IMPACT also published

  • a series of eight Infostories between November 2015 and June 2016 providing insight into the impact analysis;
  • webinars focused on Ex-Ante Impact Assessment, Analysis of FIWARE Results, Tracking FIWARE sub-grantees using Mattermark. 

To raise awareness of FIWARE Achievements and the types of businesses supported, FI-IMPACT

  • Co-authored and pubilshed 16 FIWARE Case Studies providing insights into the vision and market need, target market and revenue streams, competitive positioning, enabling technology and progress to date for showcased sub-grantees. Grouped into AgriFood; Healthcare; Energy; Security; 3D Printing and Innovation
  • Co-authored and published 73 FIWARE Profiles providing an insight into the focus of the project, the organisation involved, sector, target market, business model and website. Grouped into ten thematic areas: 3D PrintingAgriFoodeHealthEnergy;  MediaOtherSecuritySmart CitiesSocial & Learning and Transport.